Research about housing, houses and the city

The Institute for Housing Research (IBF) is a national multidisciplinary social science resource centre which covers a wide variety of issues concerning housing and the built environment, for example housing policy, housing preferences, movement patterns, segregation and urban planning in relation to democracy and health issues.

In addition to our many individual research projects, we run two research programmes: Dilemmas of diversity and Boende och bostadspolitik i förändring. Together with similar research environments we also manage a big project about urban sustainability: CRUSH.


Intergenerational effects of the Finnish World War II child evacuation policy
Author: Torsten Santavirta (IBF)
Date: Tuesday 11 April at 13.15
Language: English or Swedish as suits the circumstances

How do family circumstances affect the commuting patterns of women and men?
Author: Ina Blind (IBF)
Date: Tuesday 25 april at 13.15
Language: English

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Housing, Theory and Society

Volume 34, Issue 1, 2017

International Journal of Housing Policy

Volume 17, Issue 1, 2017