About IBF

The Institute for Housing Research is a multi-disciplinary research department established in 1994 under the Faculty of Social Sciences at Uppsala University. Research at the Institute covers a wide variety of issues concerning housing and the built environment.

Structure of Research Posts

Most of the posts are in the disciplines of geography, economics, political science and sociology and in these subjects there are professorships. Other areas are anthropology, economic history and psychology. Each post is divided between 80 percent research at the Institute and 20 percent teaching and supervision at the disciplinary department in the Faculty.

Staffing and Finance

The Institute has about 40 staff and receives base funding from the University. Researchers also apply for supplemantary funding from various sources in Sweden and abroad, often jointly with researchers in other university departments. The Institute accept contracts which are in line with its long-term research interests. Independent researchers in the field of housing and building are welcome to persue research projects at the Institute.

External contacts

Within Sweden contacts are encouraged with the housing and building industries. The annual "Housing Week" of workshops is one manifestation of this professional and practitioner collaboration.

A regular seminar is held for housing and building researchers from the whole of Scandinavia. The Institute hosts major international conferences, notably the European Network for Housing Research Conferences of 2000.

The Institute has extensive international contacts. The Institute owns and manages the international journal Housing, Theory and Society and managed the journal; International Journal for Housing Policy. Formal co-operation has been established between the housing research institutes at Uppsala, Delft, Glasgow and York. International contacts are also maintained and developed through participation in conferences and joint research projects with colleagues in other countries as well as providing facilities for guest researchers.

The Institute’s Newsletter (in Swedish) is published three times a year and is also available on our homepage.

Tvärvetenskap på disciplinär grund

I samband med att Samhällsveten-
skapliga fakulteten vid Uppsala universitet firade 50 år skrev professor Bo Bengtsson ett kapitel i jubileums-
boken som handlar om IBF:s utveckling och arbete.

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Tvärvetenskap på disciplinär grund – tjugo år med Institutet för bostads- och urbanforskning