About IBF

The Institute for Housing and Urban Research is a multi-disciplinary research department established in 1994 under the Faculty of Social Sciences at Uppsala University. Our research covers a wide variety of issues concerning housing and the built environment.


About IBF

The Institute for Housing and Urban Research is a multi-disciplinary research department. Our staff of 50 are mostly researchers and doctorial students.

Our research areas are Economics, Sociology, Political Science, Social and Economic Geography, Economic History and Environmental Psychology. Each researcher post is divided between 80 percent research at the Institute and 20 percent teaching and supervision at the disciplinary department at the Faculty.

The Institute receives base funding from the University. Researchers also apply for supplementary funding from various sources in Sweden and abroad, often jointly with researchers in other university departments. The Institute accept contracts which are in line with its long-term research interests. Independent researchers in the field of housing and building are welcome to pursue research projects at the Institute.

Within Sweden, contacts are encouraged with companies, organisations and authorities within our research field. The conference Bostadsmötet, “The Housing Meeting”, with a variety of workshops, is one manifestation of this professional and practitioner collaboration. The conference is arranged every 18 months.

International contacts are maintained and developed through participation in conferences and joint research projects with colleagues in other countries as well as providing facilities for guest researchers. The Institute also hosts major international conferences.

The Institute’s Newsletter (in Swedish) is published three times a year and is also available on our webpage. 

The Institute owns and manages the journals Housing, Theory and Society and International Journal for Housing Policy.

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IBF is a national multidisciplinary social science institute with 50 employees. Vacant positions are always announced at the University’s webpage.

Our doctoral students are recruited following admission at the respective department. Please contact Student Services or the Student Councelors for more information.

Are you a researcher and wish to place an externally funded project at IBF? Please contact our Head of Department, Nils Hertting. IBF also welcomes foreign scholars as guest researchers for a shorter or longer period of time.

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