Travel Policy

This Travel Policy applies to both IBF staff and invited guests for whom IBF is paying travel expenses. Guests can be compensated with a night in a hotel or a comfortable berth on sleeper trains. They should also be offered the opportunity to participate in seminars remotely via a link.

Guidelines for planning travel:

1. The most important action we can take is to give serious consideration as to whether it is possible to avoid travel entirely.
Can the trip’s objectives be achieved in some other way (by holding an online meeting for example). Can a number of errands be combined during a single travel in order to reduce future travel?

2. For journeys within Sweden and Europe, our first recourse should be to assess whether it is possible to travel by train.

3. Domestic flights and flights to Oslo and Copenhagen are only permitted in exceptional cases.
The University has an agreement with SJ for discounted first-class travel to Umeå, Gothenburg and Malmö/Lund at certain times.

4. Always consider using public transport rather than driving or taking a taxi.

5. When renting a car, always request a non-fossil-fuel vehicle where possible.

Last modified: 2022-06-10