The Geosweden database

Since its setup in 1994, IBF has invested in registry data bought from Statistics Sweden. This is a key resource for monitoring and analyzing population and housing change and therefore essential for our capacity to analyze housing and urban developments. The bulk of our database investments have been channeled to the construction of GEOSWEDEN, a nationally and internationally unique database, consisting of rich annual and geocoded information on all residents, workplaces and real estate properties in Sweden. With the latest update in 2016, data cover 25 consecutive years of longitudinal information (1990 to 2014). This makes it possible to conduct high quality longitudinal (including inter-generational) research and it is intensively used by several researchers studying housing market mobility, neighbourhood effects and segregation, immigration, social, ethnic and gender relations and other topics. Database updates are regularly negotiated with, provided but also conditioned by, SCB, Statistics Sweden.

Access to the Geosweden datasets (stored at a high security server)  is limited to IBF staff, including PhD students. Undergraduate students may not access micro data from the Swedish registers. Scholars based outside IBF can take part in Geosweden-based collaborative research under the leadership of an IBF based researcher.