Välkommen på halvdagskonferensen "The Transitional City in research"


Tisdagen den 29:e november bjuder IBF och SLU in till en gemensam forskningskonferens på tema "Omställningsstaden".

The Transitional City in research - How will we reduce our climate footprint in urban environments?

A comprehensive and rapid transition in consumption and production is needed to reach the climate goal of holding global warming under 2 degrees. Achieving a climate-friendly transition in the world's cities is central for this goal. It concerns our lifestyles, way of building, and residence practices. How should people in urban environments live if they are to achieve a reasonable climate footprint? How should the transition be done, and what are the barriers and supports for change? Which attempts to pursue this transition should be done by national governments, cities, social movements, and others? How successful are they? 


Tisdag 29 november kl. 13:15-17:15


Institutet för bostads- och urbanforskning (IBF) , Trädgårdsgatan 18, Uppsala.


(konferensen hålls på engelska)

13.15 Welcome to all and presentations
(Terry Hartig, Uppsala University)

Why is research on city climate transition so important?
(Kristina Boréus, Uppsala University)

Climate transition in cities with weak socio-urban institutions and low urban planning: Reflecting on the
proper scale for interventions

(Fernando Campos Medina, University of La Frontera, Chile)

‘Green fix' as crisis management. Or, in which world is Malmö the world’s greenest city?
(Ståle Holgerson, Uppsala University)

Vertical Densification - a Challenge to Life in Urban Public Spaces
(Per Berg, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences)

15.00 Coffee

15.30 The densification dilemma: Stress, restoration and the pursuit of urban sustainability
(Terry Hartig)

The art of transition governance. Power, participation and representation in the planning of a sustainable city

(Nils Hertting, Uppsala University)

Regenerative systems landscape analysis and design in sustainable urban development and planning
(Daniel Bergquist, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences)

Energy efficiency, sustainability and historic buildings – work achieved and challenges to face
(Petra Eriksson, Uppsala University)

Summing up
(Per Berg, Kristina Boréus & Terry Hartig)


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Vi bjuder på kaffe.


Per Berg, Stad och Land, SLU

Kristina Boréus och Terry Hartig, IBF