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Multidisciplinary research

IBF is a multidisciplinary research institute that researches housing and urban issues in the boadest sense. Our researchers represent a range of different academic disciplines. 

IBF's mission is to be a national resource and conduct research of the highest international quality with great social science relevance. We study housing and urban issues from several different scientific perspectives.

IBF's research relates to different dimensions of sustainability and is based on both qualitative and quantitative methods. Our research is funded by grants from the University as well as external funding from various research funders. Collaboration with external actors also contributes to the research both in terms of content and financially.

Segregation, integration and migration

Research on international migration and ethnic relations has long been a strong theme that brought together many different disciplines at IBF. In addition to research into the causes of various forms of segregation, for example residential and school segregation, we study measures against segregation and their effects. Examples of research projects are Growing cities and segregated neighbourhoodsUnsettled City and Who gets asylum?

Housing and society

At IBF there is a long tradition of research into the functioning of the housing market, the direction, change and stability of housing policy and the organization of civil society around housing issues. A more recent research tradition sheds light on the global phenomenon of growing urban movements. Examples of research projects are Workings of the housing market, Housing supply and housing inequality and Displacement and renoviction in housing renewal processes in Sweden.

Urban Lab

Theme image for Urban Lab: KMap pin and city silhouette against a green background

Urban Lab is an empirically oriented research initiative at Uppsala University in cooperation with Uppsala municipality. Urban Lab gathers researchers from the Department of Economics and the Institute for Housing and Urban Research.

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