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Multidisciplinary research

IBF's research is approaching housing and urban issues in a broad sense. The research emphasis is Geography, Economics, Sociology and Political Science, but we also have researchers in Economic History and Psychology.

Urban Lab

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Urban Lab is an empirically oriented research initiative at Uppsala University in cooperation with Uppsala municipality. Urban Lab gathers researchers from the Department of Economics and the Institute for Housing and Urban Research.

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Housing and Society

This research programme brings together IBF’s housing research within all its academic disciplines.The programme covers social science research about home and residence, housing markets, policy and politics, in a Swedish and international perspective.

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Dilemmas of Diversity

Drops of different sizes against different colored background

IBF has a long tradition of multi-disciplinary research on international migration and ethnic relations, with a focus on housing and urban issues. Recently, the long term research program Dilemmas of Diversity: Ethnic Integration and Segregation in the City was concluded. Learn more about the projects and publications.

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Last modified: 2021-05-03