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IBF runs two international scientific journals focusing on housing studies: Housing, Theory and Society och International Journal of Housing Policy.

Housing, Theory and Society

IBFs Housing,Theory and Society is an international scientific journal published by Taylor & Francis. The editor for Housing,Theory and Society is Hannu Ruonavaara, Professor of sociology at Åbo University.

The journals original name was Scandinavian Housing and Planning Research when it was established in 1984, but changed its name in 1999 to Housing, Theory and Society.

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International Journal of Housing Policy

International Journal for Housing Policy is an international scientific journal focusing on housing policy, systems and practice from a social science perspective. IBF runs the journal with several European institutions. The focus is broad, addressing policy-relevant research and analysis from all parts of the world.

The journal is published by Taylor & Francis and is co-owned by: 

  • Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands
  • Heriot Watt University, Great Britain
  • University of Glasgow, Great Britain
  • University of York, Great Britain

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