Innovative, affordable and sustainable housing alternatives

This research project will use interdisciplinary approaches to understand the contextual features of the emergence and development of ETC Bygg, including its economic, environmental, social and spatial setting. The study will focus on the ongoing building projects in Västerås, Växjö and Malmö, where we will collaborate with the municipal authorities, activist groups and ETC Bygg. This institutional partnership can also reveal the political and social conditions that are necessary for a further expansion of the ETC Bygg model aiming at alleviating the housing crisis in Sweden.

Furthermore, the results of this interdisciplinary evaluation may also contribute to the knowledge of affordable and sustainable housing solutions to be implemented by the building industry, spatial planners, municipal governments and social organisations.

Project start





Miguel A. Martínez, professor in sociology (project manager)
Anton Ösgård, PhD student, sociolog

Last modified: 2022-12-05