School choice reforms implementation and long term consequences for individuals’ social mobility

This project analyze the implications of school choice reforms, school choice and its long-term consequences for individuals’ social mobility in Sweden in general, with a particular focus on three medium-sized Swedish cities.

The project as a whole examines the general political context and implementation of school choice reforms at the local level, the experience of school choice at the individual level and the long term consequences for young people's future educational and professional careers. The project offers new knowledge about whether school choice reform has led to increased freedom of choice, and the long-term effects of school choice reforms for individuals' social mobility.

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Susanne Urban (project leader), Uppsala University
Anders Trumberg, Uppsala University
Magnus Dahlstedt, Linköping University
Martin Harling, Linköping University
Viktor Vesterberg, Linköping University


Trumberg, Anders  (2015) Att möjliggöra för blandning  -Exempel på kontrollerat skolval och åtgärder mot skolsegregation inom OECD. Förkortad version. Rapport till Skolkommissionen.

Harling, Martin & Magnus Dahlstedt (2016) The Future in a Goodie-Bag: An actual school-market investigation. AERA Annual Meeting - "Public Scholarship to Educate Diverse Democracies", Washington, D.C., USA, April 8-12, 2016

Harling, Martin & Magnus Dahlstedt (2016) Sälja, välja, svälja. En analys av skolval, marknadisering och gymnasiemässans logiker, Utbildning och demokrati.

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