Squatting and urban commons

This is a collective research process within SqEK (Squatting Everywhere Kollective) which deals with the politics of self-management (autonomy and self-organisation) as it is practised in squats inside out. We want to interrogate the achievements and limitations of self-management as it has been practiced by squatters and to gather interesting cases assessing the outcomes produced by urban activism/movements in which squatting is a relevant feature. Therefore, both activists and academics could learn from the struggles in which squatting is concerned.

This means we aim to analyse significant cases of “success” and “failure” in the production of urban commons (according to the activists’ and researchers’ judgements and by taking into account different meanings, possibilities and types of “success-failure”) in order to learn from them. Both ongoing and past experiences can be included as cases. A significant involvement of activists in the research process, not as mere informants, is also crucial (i.e. bridging academia and activism). This can be divided into two major topics to investigate in every case:

  1. Self-management
    • Type of self-management achieved (in its different stages, before and after repression/legalisation, inside and outside the squats, according to different economic and political-ideological components, etc.)
    • Anti-capitalist dimensions (and contradictions) of squatting for living, for the promotion of Social Centres, for solidarity with vulnerable groups, for contesting urban policies, etc.
  2. Urban commons
    • Squatters and squats involved in social movements that defend, manage or create urban commons –how and why?
    • Contributions of squatting activism to the different forms of “institutionalisation” (legalisation and negotiations with the authorities or owners) or resistance-to-institutionalisation of urban commons (squats included).

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Internally funded


Miguel A. Martínez, Professor in Sociology
Dominika V. Polanska, Associate Professor in Sociology


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First conference held in Stockholm 27–28 April, 2018 (https://squattingandurbancommons.blogspot.com/).

Workshop held in Catania (Italy) 13–17 June, 2018.

Last modified: 2022-12-06