Workings of the housing market

How the housing market works is of great importance for the individual, urban development and the macro economy. The purpose of this project is to gain additional knowledge about the functioning of the housing market by combining housing prices with geographically fine-scale population data.

Questions that will be studied include: How do different housing policy reforms affect housing prices, mobility and the ability of different groups to buy housing? How does the price development of housing vary between neighbourhoods and how is this related to the population composition of the neighbourhood? What role does information and brokers play in the price of the home?

Project start



Jan Wallanders och Tom Hedelius Stiftelse, Tore Browaldhs Stiftelse


Matz Dahlberg (project manager), professor in economics
Ina Blind
Gustav Engström
Helena Svaleryd
Mattias Nordin
Mikael Elinder
Anders Österling

Last modified: 2022-12-12