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Information about IBF.s previous seminars.

Autumn 2018

Tuesday 4 September 13.15

Pre-lecture seminar on Karl Schlögel

Tuesday 18 September 13.15

Gentrification in Central and Eastern Europe: generic or specific?
Author: Alexander Kalyukin

Tuesday 25 September 13.15

Black Feminist Thought in White Swedish Civil Society. Reconsidering the Outsider Within while studying The Swedish Union of Tenants
(Housing and Society seminar)
Author: Anna Adeniji 

Tuesday 2 October 13.15

Swedish Funding System, and FORMAS in particular
Author: Emma Holmqvist

Tuesday 9 October 13.15

Soviet Detroit on the Volga River – or: How Mother Russia Became Modern
Author: Karl Schlögel
Eighth Uppsala Lecture in Housing and Urban Research

Tuesday 16 October 13.15

The case of Sweden: profit without adequate investment in housing (Housing and Society seminar)
Author: Markus Kallifatides

Tuesday 23 October 13.15

Sem-teto [homeless] occupations in Brazil: autonomy and the right to the city.
Author: Clarissa Campos

Tuesday 30 October 13.15

Limited time or secure residence? A study on the effects of temporary and permanent residence permits
Author: Kristoffer Jutvik & Darrel Robinson

Tuesday 13 November 13.15

Income inequality and income segregation - Microdata evidence from Sweden
Author: Xiao Hu & Che-Yuan Liang

Tuesday 20 November 13.15

Outcomes of residential instability and eviction in Sweden: educational attainment and economic hardship
(Housing and Society seminar)
Author: Anna Kahlmeter

Tuesday 27 November 13.15

Wild Strawberries and Fantasy Forests: Green Affect in the “Concrete Suburbs” of Sweden
Author: Jennifer Mack

Tuesday 11 December 13.15

For the Benefit of Everyone? The Significance of Swedish Public Housing for Urban Housing Inequality
(Housing and Society seminar)
Author: Martin Grander

Spring 2018

Tuesday 23 January 13.15

Yield and Housing: Accounting Practices and Change in Swedish Public Housing
Author: Stig Westerdahl 

Tiuesday 6 February 13.15

Immigration and house prices - evidence from Swedish register data
Author: Henrik Andersson & Matz Dahlberg

Tuesday 20 February 13.15

En fackförening för hemmet - hyresgästorganisering och hyresgästmilitans 1915-1972
Author: Hannes Rolf

Tuesday 27 February 13.15

Mundane segregation in action: Practices of inclusion and exclusion in residential mobility decision-making processes
Author: Emilie Rosman & Marie Flinkfeldt

Tuesday 6 March 13.15

Anti-immigration and anti-migrant rhetoric and policies in Austria,
Denmark and Sweden and the rise of the radical right

Author: Kristina Boréus

Tuesday 13 March 13.15

Should I stay or must I go? Temporary protection and refugee outcomes
Författare: Matilda Kihlström

Tisdag 20 March 13.15

Vad är ett skäligt pris vid bostadshyra? Angreppssätt vid en rättslig analys av den svenska prisregleringen för hyresbostäder
Author: Haymanot Baheru

Tuesday 27 March 13.15

Metals and the Danish Slave Trade. Christiansborg and the Gold Coast metal market, 1700-1754
Author: Göran Rydén

Tuesday 10 April 13.15

Does Segregation Engender Class Awareness? Analysing Voting Behaviour in Affluent, Gentrified and Stigmatized Neighbourhoods (Västerås 2002-2015)
Author: Terence Fell

Tuesday 17 April 13.15

I bostadsnödens tid. Erfarenheter av bostadsojämlikhetens Malmö
Author: Carina Listerborn

Tuesday 24 April 13.15

Autonomy from capitalism. The autonomy of struggles and the self-management of squats: legacies from intertwined movements
Author: Miguel A. Martinez

Tuesday 8 May 13.15

Financial regulations and dual representations of spatial fixity. An approach from the Spanish real estate market
Author: Ismael Yrigoy

Tuesday 15 May 13.15

Not Just Barberry: The Evolving Ecologies of the Swedish "Concrete Suburbs"
Author: Jennifer Mack

Tuesday 22 May 13.15

Kommunala strategier för att bättre möta bostadsbehovet hos hushåll med en svag ställning på bostadsmarknaden
Author: Anna Granath Hansson

Tuesday 29 May 13.15

Exit Strategy or Exit Trap? Basic Income and the 'Power to Say No' in the Age of Precarious Employment
Author: Simon Birnbaum

Tuesday 5 June 13.15

Rebellious Mourning: The Collective Work of Grief
Author: Cindy Milstein

Fall 2017

Thursday 24 August at 13.15

Housing seminar
New housing evidence center in the UK
Author: Ken Gibbs (University of Glasgow and member of the Editorial Board of Housing, Theory and Society)

Tuesday 29 August

Internal IBF seminar

Tuesday 5 September at 13.15

Large housing estates in Stockholm – do initial conditions matter?
Author: Roger Andersson & Åsa Bråmå

Tuesday 12 September at 13.15

Syrian asylum applications in Sweden
Author: Henrik Andersson & Kristoffer Jutvik

Tuesday 19 September at 13.15

Persistencies, Path-dependencies and Ruptures: A century-long view on urban housing in post-Soviet cities
Author: Sebastian Kohl & Alexander Kalyukin

Tuesday 26 September at 13.15

Discursive opportunities and squatting in the Swedish media 1968-2016
Author: Dominika V. Polanska

Tuesday 3 October at 13.15

Discourses on uprisings and stigmatisation
Author: Karin Backwall

Tuesday 10 October at 13.15

Urban struggles in New York
Author: Don Mitchell

Tuesday 17 October: Bostadsmötet

No seminar this week.

Canceled! Tuesday 24 October at 13.15

Seminar on Open Access and Publication strategies
Speakers: Dominika Polanska & Beate Eellend
Information: At this seminar we will discuss publication strategies and in particular open access publications. Senior as well as junior researchers and above all doctoral students are welcome to take part in the seminar. A special guest from the National Library of Sweden will give us the latest update on open science and open access. The presentation will be followed by a discussion. Welcome!

Tuesday 31 October at 13.15

Urban heritages: how history and housing finance matter to housing form and
homeownership rates

Author: Sebastian Kohl & Timothy Blackwell

Tuesday 7 November at 13.15

Local refugee reception and integration: Possibilities, challenges and conditions in different municipal contexts
Author: Kristoffer Jutvik

Canceled! Tuesday 14 November at 13.15

Seminarium om Open Access och publikationsstrategier
Medverkande: Dominika Polanska & Beate Eellend
Information: At this seminar we will discuss publication strategies and in particular open access publications. Senior as well as junior researchers and above all doctoral students are welcome to take part in the seminar. A special guest from the National Library of Sweden will give us the latest update on open science and open access. The presentation will be followed by a discussion. Welcome!

Tuesday 21 November at 13.15

Social Neoliberalism through Urban Planning Bureaucratic Formations and Contradictions in Malmö since 1985
Author: Johan Pries (Lunds universitet)

Thursday 23 November at 12.00 - Lunchseminarium

Assyriska until we die.../The Construction of Equality
Author: Jennifer Mack (IBF)

Tuesday 28 November at 13.15

Kritisk diskursanalys
Author: Kristina Boréus

Tuesday 5 December at 13.15

Understanding and incorporating values of the public in urban risk planning
Author: Kathryn J.H. Williams (University of Melbourne, Australia) 

Tuesday 12 December at. 13.15

Short-Term and Long-Term Effects of School Closures on Student Achievement in Sweden 2000–2016
Author: Jonas Larsson Taghizadeh

Spring 2017

Tuesday 17 January at 13.15

Presentation of the book “Cycling cities: The European experience”
Author: Martin Emanuel (Department of Economic History, Uppsala University)

Tuesday 24 January at 13.15

IMER seminar
Marginalization and violence: On the social mechanisms of urban riots
Author: Markus Holdo (Center for Middle East Studies, Lund University) and Bo Bengtsson (IBF)
Language: English

Tuesday 31 January at 13.15

IBF seminar

Tuesday 7 February at 13.15

13 myter om bostadsfrågan - a review
Author: Hans Lind (KTH)

Tuesday 14 February at 13.15

Location choices of Swedish voucher schools– How does allowing for private provision shape geography of the education market?
Author: Karin Edmark (Swedish Institute for Social Research (SOFI), Stockholm University)

CANCELED! Thursday 16 February at 12.00

Brown Bag Lunch Seminar
Fighting (for) democracy: A squatting collective's struggle to both reject and build the new politics of the Czech Republic
Author: Tim Weldon (Department of Anthropology, Rutgers University, USA)

Tuesday 21 February at 13.15

Does financial liberalization and mortgage indebtedness democratize homeownership or just inflate housing prices? Evidence from OECD countries across the last century
Author: Sebastian Kohl (IBF)

Tuesday 28 February at 13.15

Ungdom med flyktningbakgrunn i möte med den norske enhetsskolen: om tilhörighet, ”norskhet” og andregjöring
Author: Tina Mathisen (Department of Human Geography)

Tuesday 7 March at 13.15

Intergenerational transmission of neighbourhood context – over three generations
Author: Lina Hedman (IBF)

Tuesday 14 March

IMER seminar
Day seminar on IMER research at IBF

MOVED TO 4 APRIL! Tuesday 21 March at 13.15

Pre-seminar on Uppsala Lecture

Tuesday 28 March at 13.15

IMER Double seminar
Past and new urban uprisings in Sweden
Author: Irene Molina (IBF) and Carina Listerborn (Urbana studies, Malmö University)
A repertoire of unrulyness? Youth riots and the limit of contentious politics studies
Author: Andrés Brink and Martin Eriksson (Department of History, Lund)

Thursday 30 March at 12.00

Brown Bag Lunch seminar
Un-homing through (dis-)placement, and dispossession by taxation
Author: Åse Richards (IBF) and Emil Pull (Malmö university)

Tuesday 4 April at 13.15

Discussion of David Harvey’s work in advance of his Urban Research Lecture

Thursday 6 April at 12.00

Brown Bag Lunch seminar
Gränsdragningar, kategoriseringsarbete och gräsrotsbyråkrati i socialsekreterares möten med föräldrar som riskerar vräkning
Author: Stina Fernqvist (IBF)

Tuesday 11 April at 13.15

Intergenerational effects of the Finnish World War II child evacuation policy
Author: Torsten Santavirta (IBF)

Tuesday 25 April at 13.15

How do family circumstances affect the commuting patterns of women and men?
Author: Ina Blind (IBF)

Tuesday 2 May at 13.15

IMER Seminar
Social and political outcomes of the Spanish housing movement
Author: Miguel Martinez (IBF)

Thursday 4 May at 12.00

Brown Bag Lunch Seminar
Presentation av en ny bok: Staden och Kapitalet. Malmö i krisernas tid (Daidalos)
Author: Ståle Holgersen (IBF)

Thursday 11 May at 12.00

Brown Bag Lunch seminar
Space, politics and ecologies - Urban research at KTH
Author: Jonathan Metzger (KTH)

Thursday 11 May at 13.15

Housing seminar
Emotions and housing politics: tenants’ experiences of renovictions
Author: Dominika Polanska & Åse Richard (IBF)

Tuesday 23 May at 13.15

Chaos strategy: Contesting urban management regimes
Author: Nazem Tahvilzadeh (KTH) and Lisa Kings (Södertörn University)

Tuesday 30 May at 13.15

IMER Seminar
Multiculturalism in urban planning. A spatial approach to the question of living ‘together-in-difference’
Author: Mo Sarraf (IBF)

Thursday 8 June at 12.00

Brown Bag Lunch seminar
Housing movements in Spain
Author: Miguel Martinez (IBF)

Tuesday 13 June at 13.15

The (Old) World has to go: On the Economist as Faust
Author: Sarah Westin (IBF)

Fall 2016

Thursday 1 September at 13.15 - Housing seminar

On the long-run dynamics of local housing markets
Author: Ken Gibb (University of Glasgow, UK)

Tuesday 6 September at 13.15

Neighbors and networks
Author: Henrik Andersson (IBF)

Tuesday 13 September at 13.15 - IMER seminar

Presentation of Forum for interdisciplinary racism research and the book ”Raskrigaren”
Author: Mattias Gardell (Teologi, Uppsala University)

Tuesday 20 September at 13.15- IMER seminar

The impact of immigration policy liberalisation: Business incomes of recent immigrants in Sweden
Author: Aliaksei Kazlou (Linköping University)

Tuesday 27 September at 13.15 - Housing seminar

Reclaiming inclusive politics: squatting in Sweden 1968-2016
Author: Dominika Polanska (IBF)

Tuesday 4 October at 13.15 - IMER seminar

New local governance model to combat segregation and social inequality – governance, knowledge alliances and democracy
Author: Oscar Larsson (Political Science, Uppsala University)

Tuesday 11 October at 13.15

Public space: robust but vulnerable. The case of Stureplan, Stockholm
Author: Mats Franzén (IBF)

Tuesday 18 October at 13.15

Looking for big 'fry': The motives and methods of middle-class international property investors 
Author: Hang Kei Ho (Department of Social and Economic Geography, Uppsala University) and Rowland Atkinson (Department of Urban Studies and Planning, University of Sheffield) - not presenting at the seminar

Tuesday 25 October at 13.15 - IMER seminar

Discriminated against by the State? Reports to the Equality Ombudsman (DO) about ethnic and religious discrimination in encounters with street-level bureaucrats
Author: Moa Bursell (Institute for Futures Studies and Stockholm university

Tuesday 1 November at 13.15

The past is the present: early modern architecture in today’s Moscow
Author: Alexander Kalyukin (IBF)

Tuesday 8 November at 13.15 - IMER seminar

Renaissance from the margins: Urban youth activism in Sweden
Author: René León Rosales (Utbildningsvetenskap, Uppsala university)

Tuesday 15 November at 13.15

The 19th-century Origins and 20th-century Political Career of the Idea of
Homeownership in OECD Countries

Author: Sebastian Kohl (IBF)

Tuesday 22 November at 13.15

Legitimeringsstrategier för förändrade ägandeformer
Author: Helena Löfgren

Tuesday 29 November at 13.15

IBF-SLU seminarium om stadens omställning
Author: Kristina Boréus, Per Berg, Terry Hartig m.fl.

Tuesday 13 December at 13.15 - Housing seminar

Social housing and path dependence. Why is there no social housing in Sweden?
Author: Bo Bengtsson (IBF)

Spring 2016

Tuesday 19 January at 13.15 - IMER seminar

Sweden: Local resource scarcity and refugee sentiment
Author: Ariel Young (Political Science, Uppsala University)

Tuesday 26 January at 13.15

Bostadsfrågan som politik – aktörer, idéer och institutioner
Author: Bo Bengtsson (IBF)

Torsdag 28 January at 12.00 - Brown Bag Lunch Seminar

Role of the state in the treatment of land as a financial asset
Author: Brett Christophers (IBF)

Tuesday 2 Februar at 13.15

Uncertainty and change: Entrepreneurs in Palermo and their perceptions of the local opportunity structures
Author: Carina Gunnarson (Political Science, Uppsala University)

Tuesday 9 February at 13.15

An actor-centred analysis of elite framing of political party identity – Understanding the dynamic duality in Renamos role conception as both political party and rebel movement
Author: Johanna Nilsson (IBF)

Thursday 11 February at 12.00 - Brown Bag Lunch Seminar

Discussion with Vinnova – funding options for urban development
Author: Rein Jüriado (Vinnova programme manager)

Tuesday 23 February at 13.15 - IMER seminar

Religious austerity: Building the sacred in the secular city
Author: Jennifer Mack (IBF)

Thursday 25 February at 12.00 - Brown Bag Lunch Seminar

Prisutvecklingen på den svenska bostadsmarknaden
Authors: Ina Blind, Matz Dahlberg (IBF) and Gustav Engström

Tuesday 1 March at 13.15 - IMER seminar

Young people, territorial stigmatisation and gendered racism
Author: Suvi Keskinen (University of Turku)

Tuesday 8 March at 13.15 - Method seminar

Seminar on publishing

Tuesday 15 March at 13.15 - IMER seminar

Det offentliga rummet och den urbana politiken
Author: Nils Hertting (IBF)

Tuesday 22 March at 13.15

Social class and capital gains in times of socio-spatial polarization: evidence from Swedish housing pathways between 1995 and 2010
Author: Barend Wind (Tilburg University)

Tuesday 29 March at 13.15

Are immigrants being discriminated when choosing schools for their children?
Author: Jonas Larsson Taghizadeh (IBF) och Per Adman (Statsvetenskap, Uppsala)

Tuesday 5 April at 13.15

Author: Sebastian Kohl (IBF)

Tuesday 12 April at 13.15 - IMER seminar

News media representations of poor areas: Continued stigmatisation?
Author: Karin Backvall (IBF)

Tuesday 26 April at 13.15

Constructing clienthood in financial aid records (note: en kvalitativ analys av kategoriseringsprocesser i socialt arbete med vräkningsärenden i fokus)
Author: Stina Fernqvist (IBF)

Tuesday 3 May at 13.15

Sundbybergs stad – a contemporary history of urban development
Author: Christopher Berg (IBF)

Tuesday 10 May at 13.15 - IMER seminar

Political tolerance among immigrants in Sweden
Authors: Per Adman (Political Science, Uppsala University) and Per Strömblad (Linnaeus University)

Tuesday 24 May at 13.15 - IMER seminar

Language, mobility and inclusion among Turks and Poles in the Netherlands
Author: Christopher Houtkamp (University of Amsterdam)

Thursday 26 May at 13.15 - Housing seminar

Housing, theory and housing policy - David Clapham (University of Reading and IBF)
Theory of, from or about housing - Hannu Ruonavaara (University of Turku)

Tuesday 31 maj at 13.15 - Housing seminar

The UK housing crisis of 2016: Class war conservatism, the neoliberal project and the right to the city
Author: Stuart Hodkinson (University of Leeds, UK)

Tuesday 7 June at 13.15 - Housing seminar

Economists’ words and processes of un-homing, or Homo neoliberalismus is "no respecter of geography”
Author: Sara Westin (IBF)

Thursday 9 June at 12.00 - Brown Bag Lunch seminar

Networks and neighbors
Author: Henrik Andersson (IBF)

Tuesday 14 June at 13.15  - IMER seminar

Local integration in Sweden: Municipal responses to migration
Author: Kristoffer Jutvik (IBF)

FALL 2015

Tuesday September 1 at 1.15 pm - Method seminar

Measures of residential segregation – what are we quantifying, and why?
Opener: Roger Andersson (IBF)

Thursday September 3 at 10.15 pm

Re-inventing neighborhood? Transforming Chicago’s public housing
Author: Janet Smith (University of Illinois)

Tuesday September 8 at 1.15 pm - IMER seminar

A study on political and media discourses on stigmatised neighbourhoods in Sweden
Author: Karin Backvall (IBF)

Tuesday September 15 at 1.15 pm

Balancing the divine with the private: The practices of Hushållning in the eighteenth-century world
Author: Göran Rydén (IBF)

Tuesday September 22 at 1.15 pm

Staden och krisen. Malmö och kapitalismen
Author: Ståle Holgersen (IBF)

Tuesday September 29 at 1.15 pm

Towards a theory of spatial capital
Author: Lars Marcus (Department of Architecture, Chalmers University of Technology)

Tuesday October 6 at 1.15 pm - IMER seminarium

The best of both worlds: Production and performance of lifestyle mobility – A case study of Swedes in Malta
Author: Ulrika Åkerlund (Umeå universitet)​

Thursday October 8 at 12.00 - Brown Bag Lunch Seminar

Bokpresentation: Det nya London - frontlinjer
Author: Anders Steinvall (frilans journalist)

Tuesday October 13 at 1.15 pm

Author: Christine Whitehead (London School of Economics)

Tuesday October 20 at 1.15 pm

Neoliberal models of post-socialist urban transformation and the development of urban social movements in Poland
Author: Dominika Polanska (IBF)

Tuesday October 27 at 1.15 pm - IMER seminar

Inequality regimes at Swedish workplaces: How do native employees end up with the privileges?
Author: Kristina Boreus (IBF)

Tuesday November 3 at 1.15 pm - IMER seminar

Invandring som resurs i stagnerande regioner
Author: Åsa Bråmå (Linköpings universitet)

Tuesday November 10 at 1.15 pm

Natives’ experiences of and opinions on ethnic residential segregation in Helsinki, Oslo and Stockholm
Author: Roger Andersson (IBF)

Thursday 12 November at 14.15

Politics in the era of urban rage
Author: Mustafa Dikeç (Institut Français d’Urbanisme)

Tuesday November 17 at 1.15 pm

The gendered economics of synchronized retirement
Author: Per Gustafsson (IBF)

Canceled! Tuesday November 24 at 1.15 pm

Bostadsfrågan som politik – aktörer, idéer och institutioner
Author: Bo Bengtsson (IBF)

Thursday 26 November at 12.00 - Brown Bag lunch seminar

Urban history matters: Explaining the German-American homeownership gap
Author: Sebastian Kohl (IBF)

Tuesday December 1 at 1.15 pm - IMER seminar

Minaret Diplomacy: Urban Planners and the Politics of New Swedish Faith Spaces
Author: Jennifer Mack (IBF)

Canceled! Tuesday December 8 at 1.15 pm - IMER seminar

The job you get – the importance of social capital and networks 
Author: Susanne Urban (IBF)

Thursday 10 December at 12.00 - Brown Bag Lunch Seminar

Manufacturing debt: The Co-evolution of housing and finance systems in Sweden
Author: Timothy Blackwell (IBF)

Spring 2015

Tuesday 2 June - IMER seminar

Integrationen och arbetets marknad
Author: Jennie K. Larsson (Universitet of Linköping)

Tuesday May 26

Housing and neoliberalism: A critical discussion
Author: Bo Bengtsson (IBF)

Thursday May 21 at 12.00 - Brown Bag lunch seminar

Remaking housing policy
Author: David Clapham (University of Reading and IBF)

Tuesday 12 May - IMER seminar

Den dödliga närheten: Medmänniskan, den imaginära ordningen och förfrämligandets problem
Author: Lennart Räterlinck (IBF)

Tuesday 5 May

Householding at the Great Copper Mine, 1720 – 1770
Author: Hedvig Widmalm

Tuesday 28 April - IMER seminar

Constitutional patriotism or renewed nationalism? Evaluating the “civic turn” in European immigrant integration policies
Author: Karin Borevi (Södertörns högskola)

Tuesday 21 April - IMER seminar

En experimentstudie av etnisk diskriminering vid myndighetskontakter
Author: Per Adman och Hanna Jansson (Statsvetenskap, Uppsala universitet)

Wednesday 15 April - Uppsala Lecture

Author/Lecturer: Edward Glaeser (Harvard University)
At 3. pm, Uppsala University Main Building, Hall X.

Tuesday 31 March

Are political parties more responsive to advocacy groups representing core voters or swing voters? Political responsiveness to special interests in Swedish local governments
Author: Jonas Larsson Taghizadeh

Tuesday 17 March - IMER seminar

Segregation by design: Immigration, urban planning, and the construction of equality in Sweden
Author: Jennifer Mack (IBF)

Tuesday 3 March - Housing Research seminar

Det hållbara hemmet?
Author: Pernilla Hagbert (Chalmers och KTH)

Tuesday 24 February - IMER seminar

Immigration and internal native migration patterns
Author: Henrik Andersson (IBF)

Tuesday 17 February - Housing Research seminar

Överklassens boende - ett forskningsprojekt
Author: Tora Holmberg

Thursday 12 February - IMER seminar

Cocooning urban life: Household experiences with diversity in neighbourhoods, workplaces and mobility
Author: Sako Musterd (University of Amsterdam)

Tuesday 10 February - IMER-seminar

Resisting neoliberalism in Swedish housing provision: Social movements emerging in the housing margins
Author: Carina Listerborn (Malmö Högskola), Irene Molina (IBF) and Sara Westin (IBF)

Thursday 5 February - Housing Research Seminar

Priviledged living in London
Author/Lecturer: Rowland Atkinson

Tuesday 3 February

Looking beyond the neighbourhood: Income inequality and residential segregation in Swedish metropolitan areas, 1991–2010
Author: Simone Scarpa (Linnæus university)

Tuesday 27 January - IMER seminar

Bostadsbrist och bosättningspolitik
Authors: Gunnar Myrberg och Sara Westin (IBF)

Tuesday 20 January - Method seminar

Discussion of The long way from α-error control to validity proper: problems with a short-sighted false-positive debate by Fiedler, Kutzner, and Krueger (2012), in Perspectives on Psychological Science.

Tuesday 13 January - Housing Research seminar

Den öppna planlösningens historia
Author: Maja Willén (Konstvetenskap, Stockholms universitet)

FALL 2014

Tuesday 9 december - Housing Research seminar

Pro-environmental attitude as a determinant of households’ energy consumption and individual participation in environmental surveys
Authors: Alexandra Kibbe (Otto-von-Guericke University, Magdeburg, Germany) et al.

Thursday 4 december - Housing Research seminar

Post-socialist housing systems in Europe: Housing welfare regimes by default?
Author: Mark Stephens (Heriot Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland) et al.

Tuesday 2 december - IMER seminar

Spatial integration of immigrants in Nordic cities: The relevance of spatial assimilation theory in a welfare state context
Author: Roger Andersson (IBF)

Tuesday 25 november - IMER seminar

Spatial integration of Eastern Europeans in Sweden, 1990-2010
Author: Kati Kadarik (IBF)

Tuesday 18 november - IMER seminar

Immigration, new religious symbols, and the dynamics of neighborhoods
Author: Matz Dahlberg (IBF)

Tuesday 11 november - IMER-seminar

Flyktingar, invandrare och den svenska välfärdsstaten 1930-2000: Presentation av en ny antologi
Authors: Mikael Byström (Dept. of History, Uppsala), Pär Frohnert (Dept. of History, Stockholm), Karin Kvist Geverts (Dept. of History, Uppsala)

Tuesday 4 november - Housing Research seminar

The SoftGIS approach in place-based research and in participatory urban planning
Author: Marketta Kyttä (Aalto University, Helsinki)

Tuesday 21 oktober - IMER seminar

What is the role of selective residential mobility in social and ethnic change in the inner city of Stockholm during 1990-2010?
Author: Anneli Kährik (IBF)

Tuesday 14 oktober - Seminar

The financialisation of housing in Spain and its discontents: the lived experience and politicisation of mortgage-affected people in the Barcelona metropolitan area
Author: Melissa Garcia (University of Manchester, UK)

Tuesday 7 oktober kl. 13.15 - IMER seminar

Kan vi älska vår nästa? Om begäret, hatet och medvetandets problem
Author: Lennart Räterlinck (IBF)

Monday-Tuesday 22-23 september

Book seminar
Authors: Bo Bengtsson, Roger Andersson, Irene Molina and others

Tuesday 16 september - Housing Research seminar

Supported housing in Sweden and Britain (discussion of chapters from a forthcoming book)
Author: David Clapham

Monday 15 september - Housing Research seminar

Towards a social theory of neighbour disputes
Author: Hannu Ruonavaara (Department of Social Research, University of Turku, Finland)

Tuesday 9 september  - IMER seminar

Swedish retirement migrants and their service providers: Mobility and forms of capital
Authors: Anna Gavanas (Linköpings universitet), Ines Calzada (Spanish National Research Council, Madrid)

Tuesday 2 september - Method seminar

Generalization by mechanism: Thin rationality and ideal-type analysis in case study research
Author: Bo Begtsson & Nils Hertting

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